acclaim rewards

Acclaim Rewards gives businesses, of any shape or size, the ability to have their own Incentive & Rewards program and to control it too! Drive your business further and bring loyalty to your brand.

A DIY simple to use, cost-effective and engaging points-based rewards platform you’ll wish your business had years ago. 

We designed Acclaim to be an easy to use system that gives you control to run sales incentives and customer reward programs the way you want.
The Acclaim platform offers participants an engaging platform to learn about your program and earn and redeem their points from an enticing rewards catalogue. We handle the fulfillment and delivery of rewards, so you don’t have to worry.

  • Boost your bottom line with rewards your teams can get behind
  • Inspire your sales teams, staff and clients
  • Create a rewards program that brings your customers back for more
  • Build longer-term loyalty and commitment with customers
  • Build a happier, more productive culture your people want to work in
  • Reinforce the behaviours you want to see in the workplace
  • Reward your team for training or work-based initiatives
  • For full program strategy help contact 212F
Acclaim Rewards challenges the idea that points-based rewards platforms are expensive, complicated and need huge staff to run.

acclaim rewards
  • Co-branded website and domain name
  • Multipage website to manage your program communications, support and program terms & conditions
  • Ability to host video
  • Simple data uploading via excel spreadsheet
  • Participant points statement
  • Comprehensive online rewards catalogue – merchandise, prepaid Visa and store gift cards
  • Complete redemption check out process including cart & my details
  • National delivery freight included on all reward items
  • Downloadable excel reports and optional analytics
  • Premium Cloud based hosting
  • Pro model includes;
    • Target setting
    • Google Analytics


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