Some frequently asked questions

How to start with Acclaim

  • Why use points?

    There are many reasons to use a point mechanic rather than a dollar value.  Some of the key ones are:  A points’ conversion is easier to change in a program than a dollar amount.  Points are a better accumulation mechanism focusing on a redeemable larger goal rather than the immediate value. Points mask the dollar value of the reward, which takes the focus away from the monetary value and more on the celebration of attainment.

  • How do I upload points?

    As part of the administration function you will have access to a simple template that you will complete and then upload into the Acclaim Rewards Platform.  The template has the following fields:   User Name, points value and a description of the points you are awarding.  To remove points from a participant simply enter negative points for the participant on the template and load into the program.

  • What if I load the wrong points?

    You can make adjustments to points by loading negative points.  However remember that everything you load to a participant they will see.  Because you will need to approve all redemptions, if you have made an error with the awarding of points, you can stop a redemption and hence it is very difficult to make a costly mistake.

  • How do I know how many points I have loaded and how much they are worth?

    You can make adjustments to points by loading negative points. However remember that everything you load to a participant they will see. Because you will need to approve all redemptions, if you have made an error with the awarding of points, you can stop a redemption and hence it is very difficult to make a costly mistake.

    Every 10 points equal $1.00. You can run a report at any time via the administration access you have for your program which will show you the points balances for your program participants. This is the effectively the liability should your participants all redeem. Plus we recommend you keep copies of the points files you have uploaded into the program should you need to check back at the points you have awarded

  • Which reports to do you get?

    With Essential you have access to two reports:  Participant Details Report and Redemption Report.  With Pro you have and additional target reports and access to Google Analytics.

  • How do I pay for the rewards?

    All rewards are paid for at the time of redemption, we send you a redemption report by participant and an invoice for the rewards redeemed.  All rewards include freight and GST and will be itemised on your invoice.  Points are converted from points to dollars (10 points equals $1.00).  This conversion is calculated on the GST inclusive price.  Invoices must be paid before rewards are shipped.  Payment is by credit card only.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment by credit card – Visa and MasterCard only, there is no surcharge for this payment service.

  • I want to buy what happens next?

    It’s, simple!  Fill out the form on the Contact Us page on this website.  An Acclaim Rewards team member will contact you with the next steps and give you a project check list. This will walk you through everything that needs to be completed before your program can be set up. We help with all the heavy lifting including templates for all the content you need to run a program such as:  program terms and conditions, your privacy statement, your welcome message, about the program message or video and your program frequently asked questions.  Once your program is set up- you have a 30 day free trial.

  • How can I add Video?

    Using a Video is an effective way to tell your potential program participants about your program. For our Essential and Pro options you will need to produce a video and post it to a YouTube account, during setup we will get these details and embed this into the website on the About page of your program website.

  • Can I customise the website?

    Our Essential and Pro options offer co-branded designs.  These are available in 4 different colour choices of red, blue, black or silver. You can also place your logo which will appear on a minimum of 8 pages.  For more complex programs and fully customised designs we offer our Enterprise solution.

  • Who are your distributors and why do you have them?

    Our distributors provide “in market“ support as well as the management of the rewards catalogue and delivery.  Our distributors can also help you with more complex programs and consultative support required for our Enterprise solutions.

  • How does a participant redeem?

    As long as the participants have enough points or in the case of targets achieved the points target you have set, they simply select the reward they would like to redeem and check out using the cart process. They will be asked to confirm their delivery details and their points will be immediately removed from their participant account once the redemption is complete. You will be required to approve and pay for these points before we begin the despatch process of the reward.

  • How are the rewards delivered?

    Items are direct shipped by our suppliers and in most cases require a signature on delivery.

  • What if there is a reward that is out of stock?

    We work actively with our suppliers to ensure we deliver well within 28 days.  However if a reward is out of stock, we will provide your participants with alternative options.

  • How long to deliver?

    Our shipping time after payment has been received is normally within 14 days however we offer a standard 28 day service level to allow for any “out of stocks.”

  • How to check on reward delivery?

    We do not provide a tracking service, however should a redemption not have been received with in the 28 days we will trace this individual item and provide proof of delivery if required.

  • How safe is my data?

    Acclaim Rewards and its authorised distributors may collect and use technical information gathered as part of its support services, but may only use this information to improve its products and services. Either party shall not disclose this any of this information in a form that personally identifies the client or it clients. Further, the distributor and Acclaim Rewards agrees to use appropriate safeguards to prevent use or disclosure of data other than as provided for in the Agreement. This is to be no less that a Tier 3 data centre, whereby the uptime SLA is 99.982% and provides N+1 redundancy on power, diverse network paths, UPS, diesel generators and offsite daily data backups.

  • Can I customise the reward catalogue?

    We have just about everything covered with over 200 rewards in our Essential and Pro catalogue  These catalogues are constantly updated with the latest models and popular reward items.  You are unable to customise or select rewards for the Essential or Pro catalogue.  You are able to have a fully tailored solution with our Enterprise Solutions.

  • How do I contact you?

    Either check out the contact details for an email or phone number on the Contact Us page or fill in the contact us form.

  • How do I pay for points?

    Most other programs require you to pay for points in advance.  A key different with Acclaim Rewards is that we allow you pay for points when your participants redeem.  Each day we will run a point’s redemption report and we will send this to you for approval.  Once you pay with a credit card then we begin the process of shipping your participant’s rewards items.

  • What does the 30 day trial mean?

    Once your Essential or Pro program has been set up, you will receive an administration log in.  At that time you will receive 30 days to use your fully operational Acclaim Rewards site. After 30 days you will be required pay the monthly subscription fee or your program login will be disabled.   After 60 days your program will be decommissioned.  If you redeem an reward item through the catalogue during the 30 day trial this will also end the trial period and be deemed a subscribed relationship.

  • How do targets work?

    We have many years’ experience designing programs with targets. With Acclaim Rewards we have a simple but effective mechanic for targets. With our help you will be required to set individual points targets for your participants. This should be calculated by aligning the value to the sales growth you want to achieve. We will load these points’ targets in bulk at the beginning of the program, however you can add new targets or amend these via your administration access during the operation of the program.
    You will load points though out your program period to the participant account, however these cannot be redeemed until the participant has reached their target, ensuring you received a desired achievement before any reward is redeemed.

  • I have a really complex program can you help?

    Sure our distributors are experts in their field and can help to tailor a solution for your complex challenge

  • Why is it so inexpensive?

    At Acclaim we have taken our 20 years of experience and have simplified and standardised the process of a rewards program so you get the benefit. There are normally 3 distinct areas of cost in setting up a program.
    Design – we use a standard template system that you can co-brand,
    Data Integration – we have developed a simple excel upload template that allows you to load any form of data in a simple way
    The software itself – the points platform, catalogue and cart. Development of this can be in the tens of thousands of dollars alone. Our world class development team have automated and standardised this process- passing the savings on to you.

  • Can Acclaim Rewards be used for a B2C program?

    We are specialist in the area of Business to Business rewards programs and as such the platform is designed around a B2B solution. However there is no reason you can’t use this for a consumer program or any other application you can think up, it really comes down what you want to offer your participants.

  • Can you help with write the program rules and terms and conditions?

    Sure, we have helped launch hundreds of programs and we provide you with templates and options for all your content.  You will need to choose the best one for you and make any changes necessary.  We do recommend you seek your own legal advice on Program Rules, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statements.

  • Can I have a customised web address?

    You can select your our domain name with our Enterprise option, however our Essential and Pro options are available with a standardised domain of:

  • Who provides participants support?

    You are the primary contact for all your participant and manage any queries relating to the program.  Should you have either a technical or a reward redemption question you will be provided with a contact from Acclaim Rewards or its distributor, who will provide the necessary support.

  • How does the 24 hour set up work?

    Once you have contacted us we will send you a detailed project management list and a set of templates. You will need to select and approve the ones you want to have placed on your site. Once this project list is completed by you we will have your website live and compete ready for use within 24 hours (Mon-Fri only). You will receive an administration access and be in full control of your program from that time on.

  • What administration access do I get?

    The administration log on will allow you to – upload points, amend participant details, approve participants registration, load and review targets (Pro option).

  • How do I cancel the program?

    Just let us know by the Contact Us form and we will cancel your payment immediately, your site will be taken offline and decommissioned within 60 days.

  • How can I learn more about Rewards, Recognition and Incentive Programs?

    There are some great resources available we recommend. The incentive Marketing Association www.incentivemarketing.org, The Incentive Research Foundation www.theirf.org and our favourite BLOG is www.makerewardswork.com. Or for more complex programs call one of our distributors.

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