Employee Benefit Programs

Everyone needs to feel appreciated, and at work, an effective employee benefit program is a great way to do this. While an attractive salary and good working conditions is one way to recruit and keep quality staff, additional benefits and awards can significantly add value for your employees. This helps them feel that their efforts are worthwhile and recognised within your organisation. Through employee rewards and recognition programs, your team will be more motivated, more productive and more loyal to your business.

Employee benefits can be administered in numerous ways, but one of the easiest and most cost-effective is through a reward and incentive management platform. Whether your business is just starting out, or you are long established in your field, Acclaim Rewards can help. We offer a user-friendly system across Australia and New Zealand that has helped countless businesses of varying size implement employee benefit programs that really work.

The online DIY points-based platform can be tailored to customised to the types of benefits that best suit your team.

“Acclaim Rewards offers a turnkey reward and recognition program at low cost to help you get the most from your team.”

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Engage and motivate your most important people in your business with Acclaim Rewards. The easiest to manage and most cost-effective points based Rewards & Recognition platform in Australia to drive your staff program.

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Employee Recognition Programs

Open acknowledgment of a job well done goes a long way to helping an employee feel valued, motivated and productive. By expressing your appreciation for their commitment, innovative ideas, exceptional work or ability to problem solve, you increase morale and make the workplace happier, healthier and more successful.

Employee loyalty can also be greatly affected by employee recognition programs – which means the high performing team you spent time and money recruiting will still with your organisation longer. Creating an employee recognition program benefits every person in the organisation, from the business owner, CEO and management, right down to the newest recruits and interns.

A recognition-rich culture is easy to foster in organisations of any size. Verbal recognition is highly important and should be given frequently and there are numerous ways to offer more tangible rewards to staff. Whether there are just a few in your company, or you work within a larger business, real-world rewards can be available at the click of a button thanks to easy to use software through Acclaim Rewards.

Employee recognition examples include bonuses, discounts on local services and attractions, the purchase of goods, or gift cards. Acclaim Rewards allows you to customise your program and allocate points according to your targets, such as sales goals, marketing benchmarks or client recruitment numbers.

“Acclaim Rewards is your trusted software for employee recognition and rewards. We have provided over $500 million in rewards since inception in 1996 and continue to grow every year.”

Employee Incentive Programs

Employee incentive schemes are an effective way to encourage the best work from your staff. Incentives offer a promise of reward for hitting a specific target or benchmark, meaning your team is more likely to go that extra mile to get the job done. Examples of behaviours that are best incentivised vary from business to business, but could include particular sales targets, marketing goals, client recruitment measures or even employee loyalty.

Creating an incentive program is straightforward with Acclaim Rewards. Our turnkey solution features all-in-one software that is easy to manage within your organisation and flexible enough to meet individual needs. With customised incentives and rewards you can foster a healthy, productive and successful workplace at a low-cost that’s easy to use.

Boost morale, increase productivity and ensure business success with an effective employee benefits program and incentives scheme through Acclaim rewards. To find out more, contact our friendly team today https://www.acclaimrewards.com.au/contact-us/